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Adhesive Coated Appliance System

  • Adhesive coating on each bracket
  • Uniform adhesive
  • Shipped directly from manufacturer in tamper-evident, single use packaging
  • Light-cured for efficiency


Why is there Fluoride in the APC PLUS Adhesive?

The adhesive used for bonding your brackets contains and releases a small amount of fluoride. Please follow all your dental professionals’ hygiene related recommendations especially during your orthodontic treatment period.

Will there be any taste or odor from the adhesives used to attach my brackets?

The APC system adhesives are odorless and have no taste. You will not experience any taste or odor from your appliances during or after bonding.

Why is each APC bracket in its own package?

The APC system brackets are individually packed and sealed in unique, single-use and tamper-evident blisters. This packaging is your assurance that these brackets are new and have never been recycled. No other types of brackets available worldwide today, provide this evidence.
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